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The NEBOX is constructed from Zinc alloy and Aluminium alloy. All colour options come with a removable black drip tip. The NEBOX features a LCD display screen showing battery level, wattage setting, temp setting in either °F or °C and the ohm rating or resistance of the coil being used.

The NEBOX also features the ability to input whether you are using a brand new or previously used coil. When replacing the coil you are prompted to choose between using a “New Load” or an “Old Load”. The idea behind this is to “calibrate the coil resistance for Ni 200 or Ti coils”.

To prevent any potential leaking issues, we suggest charging the NEBOX on its side, as this will stop the heat from the charging cycle from pushing out eliquid out of the airflow. We also suggest storing the device upside down when not in use


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